The company HMP is located in Užice, in the western part of Serbia. The company was established as a family workshop in 2013 and has achieved very successful results despite its short existence. Thanks to the owener of the company, Milojko Varničić, and his extensive experience in the field of hard metal, an efficient system of skilled workforce and specialized equipment has been organized in short period of time. This well-organized system is capable of meeting all customers requirements within a short timeframe.

Within its resources, the company „HMP“ possesses various grinding machines such as internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, profile grinding machines, surface grinding machines, lathe, wire EDM, and EDM WITH electrode. In addition, we have a set of processing systems, including a Mitutoyo measurment system for tool contur and dimension control, as well as accompanying measuring tools for the processing process needs.

Currently, the company „HMP“ is experiencing a positive growth trend, with ongoing projects for expanding their business space and acquiring modern grinding machines to tackle the most demanding tasks. Additionally, whitin their team, they have highly skilled individuals in the field of hard metal, including masters degree engineers and Ph.D. holder in „Application of Hard Metal in plastic deformation methods“.